Really Special Board

11.5 SUP
This is an 11’5 standup paddleboard surfboard.  It’s shaped for surfing and also very good on flat water, very fluid and versatile.  It’s by far, the most high end board I’ve ever made, built over the last year and a half.
As with all of my boards, the wood is locally harvested from a FSC certified, ecologically focused Community Forest Co-op in Harrop-Proctor, BC
The siderails are round, tapering to an edge at the tail, giving the ability to carve into a wave.
The fin is 8″ clear fiberglass. It tracks well and is very maneuverable.  The siderails are made with 1/4″ cedar strips, coloured with pigmented epoxy – very strong due to the layers of epoxy required to achieve a solid color.
It’s available, see my Purchase and Pricing page for more information if you’re interested – thanks!
11.5 SUP
11.5 SUP

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