Testimonial and Photos – October 2013

Brian’s 12′ sup is made with reclaimed old growth cedar. About 300 years old, from the West Kootenay’s Duhamel Creek Basin. we were lucky to have found this precious cedar and happy to have passed it along to Brian. OK, so once you get past the badly matched shirt & trunks, you can’t help butContinue reading “Testimonial and Photos – October 2013”


With origins in 1960’s Hawaiian surf culture, stand up paddle-boarding or SUP’ing isn’t exactly new, but it’s been a slow and steady sell for Canadians.  And there’s a good explanation: we have rather limited access to coastline. Still, SUPing – standing on a wider, thicker, more buoyant version of a surf longboard and paddling withContinue reading “KOOTENAY MOUNTAIN CULTURE MAGAZINE -SUMMER 2012”